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Let foods cool before placing in refrigerator unless the recipe specifies otherwise. Warm food will cause your refrigerator to run more.

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Tagged : native-grasses

Save nature and free time — install a Pocket Prairie

February 28th, 2013

Are you weary of mowing, weeding and fertilizing that yawning stretch of lawn? Consider installing a patch of native prairie. A Pocket Prairie can reduce your thirsty conventional turf, replacing it with native grasses and flowers. You’ll be feeding butterflies and birds, and cut down your grass mowing obligations, perhaps to zero.

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Drought Dilemma: Prop up your lawn with more water or issue its epitaph?

August 26th, 2011

As the drought in the Southern US wears on, and on, lawns everywhere are crisping in the heat, raising a question about both the viability and ethics of keeping a lush green lawn in the face of increasing water scarcity.
It seems that homeowners have three basic options for their lovely turf as the heat marches on.
First option: Continue to blast the water sprinklers, keeping the grass green and flourishing.

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