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Safer cosmetics bill addresses harmful ingredients in personal products

June 24th, 2011

Here’s a mind-boggling figure: The cosmetics industry uses 12,500 unique chemical ingredients in personal care products.
That could leave you thinking, “Wow, what a wonderful world of wrinkle-abating, skin-smoothing, eye-enhancing stuff we have at our fingertips.”

But there’s another view: That such a vast pool of ingredients has left the door open to many that are harmful to human health. The Campaighn for Safe Cosmetics notes that many ingredients in personal products have been linked to cancer, fertility issues and other health effects. The CSC has fought against lead in lipstick and formaldehyde in hair straighteners, two obvious chemicals of concern. But the group has pointed out that there are many additional risky chemicals hiding out in everyday products, and that the U.S. should install stricter regulation.

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‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck,’ a tale about the chemicals within us

February 17th, 2010

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Concerned about all those dangerous household chemicals you keep hearing about: BPA, phthalates and pesticides with cryptic names like 2,4-Dioxane?

We’ve found just the book for you.

Slow Death By Rubber Duck:The Secret Danger of Everyday Things (Counterpoint, 2009. U.S. $25) will take you on a chilling, but informative ride through our chemically enhanced consumer product world. Starting with your kid’s Rubber Duck, which contains five chemicals of concern, imagine what the rest of the household contains.

Frankly, I worried that this cleverly titled book about the dangerous additives lurking in our house dust, furniture, hand soaps and Teflon pans would be just that, an inspired title followed by surface information. But I was quickly relieved of that concern. Co-authors Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie are not just scratching the stick-resistant surface here.

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