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10 ways that Super Bowl XLV will be green…and not green

January 28th, 2011

Super Bowl XLV, being played in the nearly new ginormous 80,000-seat Cowboys Stadium, which expands to a capacity of 110,000 counting standing-room spots, will be the biggest ever in terms of on-site audience.

This mega event — counting the Feb. 6 game and official hotel and related activities — will suck up enough energy to power 1,500 homes for a year, according to Just Energy.

The Toronto-based energy retailer is helping the National Football League buy green power to offset the energy that will be expended on all the hoopla and bright lights.

The NFL, which has a long history of making Super Bowls successively greener, bought offsets for last year’s match up, too. But this year’s offset purchase has grown to cover the expanding size of the event and more venues for a longer period of time, making this not just the Uber-of-All Super Bowls in terms of on-site audience, but “the greenest ever” as well, according to Just Energy.

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Let the sun shine in: See our new solar tunnel

January 6th, 2010

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

I’ll save the puns and bragging about what a bright idea it was to illuminate a dark interior room with a solar tube. I’ll just cut right to the details of how the process worked, for those who want to know.

Home office before solar tunnel

Home office before solar tunnel; a dark spot

First, a couple guys, or one guy, (or it could be a woman, but the two companies we got bids from sent guys) poke around in the attic above the approximate place where the solar tube will have to travel to carry outside light through the attic and into your dim and dreary space below.

In our case, the installer we chose, a fellow named Juan who has been putting in solar tubes for more than a decade, immediately went to work advising us on the positioning of the tube and assuring us that the light would be sufficiently diffused. He saw that we would be limited by the placement of the furnace in the attic above. But he found a way to angle the tube past a beam and some duct work, so that we could have the light installed where we needed it.

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Lighting the way: Daylight ‘harvesting systems’ are a bright idea

December 24th, 2008

Harvesting daylight is an ancient trick – as old as the first man-made structure, as old as life on our planet, actually. Using the sunlight provided by nature is the most basic and simple way to illuminate one’s world. But when it comes to modern, sustainable architecture, the idea is relatively young.

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