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EPA will send fresh water to Dimock, Pa., residents with contaminated wells

January 20th, 2012

Dimock, Pa., residents whose wells have been contaminated with methane gas got word Thursday that the EPA will send water to four of the 11 affected families.

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Penn. officials warn gas drilling companies to follow the rules

May 13th, 2010

Companies drilling for natural gas in the Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale must follow proper well construction procedures to prevent gas migration problems that endanger public health and safety and threaten residential water supplies, the state’s Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger told a group of drilling company representatives meeting today in Harrisburg.

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Frack fluid spill in Dimock contaminates stream, killing fish

September 21st, 2009

By Abrahm Lustgarten

A drill site entrance near the spill site in Dimock, Pa., taken this past winter. (Abrahm Lustgarten /ProPublica)
A drill site entrance near the spill site in Dimock, Pa., taken this past winter. (Photo: Abrahm Lustgarten /ProPublica)

Pennsylvania environment officials are racing to clean up as much as 8,000 gallons of dangerous drilling fluids after a series of spills at a natural gas production site near the town of Dimock last week.

The spills, which occurred at a well site run by Cabot Oil and Gas, involve a compound manufactured by Halliburton that is described as a “potential carcinogen” and is used in the drilling process of hydraulic fracturing, according to state officials. The contaminants have seeped into a nearby creek, where a fish kill was reported by the state Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP also reported fish “swimming erratically.”

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