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Want an electric car? Build your own

June 9th, 2011

If the idea of owning an electric car intrigues, but a $40,000 price tag for a Chevy Volt isn’t exactly in your price range, Neal Farris has a solution. Build your own.

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Get ready for the ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’

October 29th, 2010

Herman K. Trabish

Who Killed the Electric Car?, director Chris Paine’s renowned documentary about the effort to save GM’s EV1 and Toyota’s RAV-4 EV, left the identity of the culprit an open question, and for good reason: the electric car wasn’t killed; it was wounded. And now, with Nissan’s all-electric Leaf and Chevrolet’s plug-in hybrid electric Volt coming to U.S. showrooms in November, it’s back, healthier than ever.

Plug-In America (PIA), which was born out of the protest to save the 1990s EVs, met at Paine’s sprawling hilltop home overlooking Los Angeles Saturday night to celebrate the organization’s fifth anniversary and the triumphant re-emergence of the car with a plug.

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Honda plans 2012 rollout of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid cars

July 20th, 2010

By Melissa Segrest Green Right Now   Honda is trying to step up its game in the race to create greener cars, announcing today that it will begin selling an electric car in 2012.   The company hasn’t provided details about how the car’s battery would operate, although it said the vehicles would be “commuter” cars (which [...]

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Virginia students go solar to power electric car

May 12th, 2010

Converting a conventional Honda to run on electricity is one thing, but how do you go about providing a power supply for your new creation? Students at the University of Virginia seem to have found the answers on both ends of the project. Currently, they are working with the university’s Facilities Management to install photovoltaic panels near the car’s parking space in the hope of generating enough electricity to at least partially power the vehicle.

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Looking to go electric with Nissan’s LEAF? The line is getting longer

May 3rd, 2010

From Green Right Now Reports

If you want to pick up a new LEAF when Nissan’s all-electric automobile debuts in December, you may need to take a number. Already, more than 8,000 customers have plunked down the required $99 deposit to pre-order the vehicle. That’s almost eight percent of the 102,000 who previously had signed up as interested buyers.

Those folks had first dibs in terms of making what is still a fairly nominal commitment. (The $99 is refundable.) Nissan expects the figure to grow even more after May 15, when the general public will be able to get in the game.

The company aims to produce about 50,000 LEAFs during the car’s debut year. It expects to have about half of those spoken for in pre-orders by the time the vehicle actually begins to hit the streets. The LEAF lists at $32,780, but existing federal tax credits can take $7,500 off that price, and state and local incentives can reduce the cost even more.

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Nissan LEAF price will compete with hybrids, pressure Chevy’s Volt

April 5th, 2010

Nissan's all-electric LEAF. Image: Nissan

Nissan's all-electric LEAF. Image: Nissan

From Green Right Now Reports

Consumers intrigued by Nissan’s new all-electric vehicle – the LEAF – have been waiting for the answer to the big question: Just how much will going electric cost?

The surprising answer: About $25,000 for American car buyers after federal tax credits.

Last week, Nissan said it will offer the LEAF for $32,780 in the United States. With a $7,500 federal tax credit, the net price drops to $25,280, making it very competitive with Toyota’s popular Prius hybrid.

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EV1: GM’s ill-fated attempt at going electric

January 8th, 2010

While electric cars are getting a lot of attention these days, powering your automobile with a different kind of juice is hardly a new concept.

Remember EV1? General Motors pioneered the electric car way back in the mid-‘90s. When its concept car, Impact, drew favorable reviews at the start of that decade, GM decided to move forward with the next generation EV1, the first electric car designed for mass production.

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