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Tagged : lobbyists

The top 10 energy companies that spend the most lobbying Congress

October 1st, 2010

The Center for American Progress Action Fund published an article this week highlighting the millions that energy and utility companies have spent lobbying Congress.

The article contends that this downpour of money into Washington — half of a billion dollars since 2008 — has been the key factor in stalling climate action by Congress.

The chart above shows that the top fossil fuel industries and electric power companies have spent heavily in Washington. What their lobbyists have been saying is not revealed in the dollar amounts, but CAPAF report outlines how most of these companies are on the record as opposing climate legislation, fees for carbon pollution and EPA regulation of greenhouse gases.

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Polluter Harmony helps dirty fossil fuel lobbyists find their Congressional soulmates

February 11th, 2010

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

You’ve got to feel for the dirty fuel lobbyist, adrift in a world where suddenly oil and coal energy has competition, where emerging clean tech companies are peddling cheap energy solutions like wind and solar power (cheap because they’re renewable and non-polluting) and environmentalists keep jabbering about how carbon in the atmosphere is ruining the planet. Sheesh!

Such a lobbyist needs respite from the tilting political landscape, someone with whom to cuddle up, share their story, bestow with lots of money — like a U.S. Senator or Representative!

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