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My Green Job: Henri-James Tieleman, CEO EcoloBlue

April 10th, 2009

Henri-James Tieleman; 39; Miami, FL

What I do:

I am the co-founder and CEO of EcoloBlue, Life & Energy. EcoloBlue produces cutting edge Atmospheric Water Generators(AWG) .We are in the business of offering water independence to consumers. AWG is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. As the CEO of the company, I have many responsibilities including: operations, research and development, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of the company culture, human resources, compliance with safety regulations, and sales.

How it helps:

EcoloBlueTM Life & Energy  safeguards and promotes a sustainable environment with unique solutions in the water generation industry, the production of bio-degradable plastic and the generation of clean energy worldwide.

How I got here:

My academic background is business administration.¬† During the past 15 years, I have been involved in start-up operations in the textile industry and telecommunications.¬† I believe that entrepreneurs have a vision and a passion to bring new products to the marketplace.¬† Currently, the world has a great interest in “green products” but has failed to take full advantage of resources at their fingertips that can contribute to sustainable living.¬† My quest is to educate and provide solutions through EcoloBlue that will allow the consumer to live the green dream.

Where I’m going:

The prospects for growth within the water industry are exponential.  Economic experts predict that drinking water will be a trillion dollar industry in the immediate future.  The federal government is investing billions into the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors to help the U.S. economy which in turn creates jobs.

How I’m doing:

While many sectors of the U.S. economy continue to struggle, companies involved in sustainable efforts, such as water generation, biodegradable plastic and clean energy, are hiring today and well positioned for future growth.  There are tremendous opportunities in the green economy.


The advice that I would offer an entrepreneur entering into the green economy is to uncover new opportunities that contribute to sustainable living, be prepared to make the consumer sensitive to the issues and have patience in educating them on the features and benefits of your products.

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