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Ceilings painted with light colors reflect light downward, which will make room lighting more efficient.

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Green up back-to-school supplies with our Earth-friendly shopping list

July 23rd, 2010

At Greenhome, you can nab a recycled rubber backpack for $74, and Earth Divas has a colorful free-trade backpack made of recycled rice bags for $28 (above). Rawganique has several certified organic European hemp backpacks from $25 to $85.

Eco-Gear’s Snow Leopard backpack (below) is coated with Ecoweave, a PVC alternative with no negative impact on the environment or your child’s health. It contains no chlorine, dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals, and it’s on sale for $40. If a backpack is too old-school, think messenger bags. Patagonia’s Half Mass messenger bag, made of recycled fabric, has a padded laptop sleeve that can be combined with a waist strap for a separate laptop sling. $99.

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