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Disable your computer screen savers to reduce energy use. Studies show that a monitor in screen saving mode uses significantly more energy than one in standby mode. Also, adjust your computerís data backup schedule to run during the workday so you donít have to leave your computer on at night.

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Albert M. Greenfield School gets greener with solar energy system

October 8th, 2010

The Greenfield School is adding solar panels.

Albert M. Greenfield School has added a a 5.33 kilowatt solar energy system, making it the first solar panel system installed on a public school roof in Philadelphia. Greenfield’s system, from Mercury Solar Systems, Inc., consists of 26 solar panels and is expected to produce 6,400 kilowatt hours every year. The environmental benefits are equivalent to recycling 103,998 cans of soda, planting 350 trees and not burning 516 gallons of gasoline.

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