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10 ways to save water in the landscape from HGTV’s ‘The Gardner Guy’

May 3rd, 2011

Paul James offers expert gardening advice on HGTV.

Water shortages are coming, though it seems not to have registered with most Americans, who will expend billions of gallons of water on their lawns this summer so they can grow non-indigenous grasses and thirsty ornamental flowers. Blessed with abundant water until lately, Americans also will continue to shower, clean, flush and eat with little thought of the water scarcity predicted to imperil far more than our lawns.

But by 2013 – in just two years – some 36 states are expected to face water shortages over part or all of their territory, forcing rationing and restrictions.

It’s time to drink in that information, and blunt the blow by taking a variety of conservation steps, especially in the yard, where most homeowners (except in rainy regions) use more than half of the water piped to their household.

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