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Going Green, One Restaurant At A Time

 Posted by on October 31, 2007
Oct 312007

By Harriet L. Blake

He cooks, runs a business, is a husband and father, speaks multiple languages and manages a website. And on top of that, chef and restaurateur Jose Duarte is certifiably “green.”

“I’m on a mission,” Duarte says. “I’m an advocate for showing other restaurant owners that we can minimize costs, maximize greenrestaurntduarte.pngprofits and be good to the environment…Going green will work using very small efforts. We don’t have to change the quality of the food or the style of the restaurant, just our business practices.” He adds that when a diner who enjoyed a restaurant finds out that not only was the food and service wonderful, but that the restaurant is green as well, a loyal customer is born.

Duarte who is the owner of the always-crowded Peruvian-Italian restaurant, Taranta’s located in Boston’s North End. After doing some extensive research, the Peruvian-born chef concluded he wanted to become more ecologically responsible.

  One Response to “Going Green, One Restaurant At A Time”

  1. Will try this restaurant when I get to Boston! Great article. Makes me wonder why more cars aren’t made for vegetable oil/grease fuel. And hope more restaurants get on board! ~df