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Have yourself a veggie good Thanksgiving

 Posted by on November 15, 2007
Nov 152007

“It is unspeakably rude for a vegetarian to impose on a host without opening a dialogue before the event and trying to meet the host halfway. It is not reasonable to expect that no meat will be served in someone else’s house, or that there will be a “meat table” and a “non-meat table….As the host, you should make some effort to provide filling vegetarian nourishment during Thanksgiving. But I don’t think the vegetarian guest should be a jerk about it. Try offering enough food that the vegetarian can’t talk for all the eating.”

And remember that although it may not seem like it, Thanksgiving is not just about the food. It’s about giving thanks and enjoying the day with family and friends. Now eat up.

Links to vegetarian, meat production and global warming articles and websites, courtesy of the Boston Vegetarian Society:

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· Worldwatch Institute: Global Meat Consumption Has Far-Ranging Environmental Impacts

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· Worldwatch Institute: New Meat Byproducts: Avian Flu and Global Climate Change

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