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Jul 252008

“At the millennium summit, everybody expressed that we need to (help) people who are having hunger, people having no access to water and sanitation – that we need to find ways to change this. And all these global goals triggered a series of actions – of investment, donor support to certain countries that are most poor, to changing their infrastructures. So that if you look at the dynamics from then (2002) to now, you see the changes are happening,” Steduto says.

Of course, there is still more to do, but this is a shift, he says. The approach to addressing water scarcity is evolving.

“We are obliged to be together on this planet. . . . We are positive in expecting that only through more sharing of the problems and finding solutions together we will have the opportunity to really maintain (the earth’s population). It is a slow process, but it is going in a positive direction,” he says.

“We all need to be more aware, more available to renounce some things that are very materialistic, for something that is more of quality: The quality of life.”

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