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Aug 152008

She recently had the opportunity to put her sustainability skills to use in a class titled. Bavousett Hill and eight other students worked to build a Sustainable Development Plan for a large parcel of land that exists and remains undeveloped in the Pinal Hill Country, located in Arizona.

“An exciting aspect of the class was the opportunity to work directly with government officials in the city, country and state levels,” she said. “We also took a two-hour helicopter ride over Pinal County and the Superstition Mountains. It was incredible.”

Mattick, whose research interests include learning about impacts of technology on a global scale, took a different path that led her to ASU. Mattick worked in the financial industry for seven years before having a “change of heart.”

“I had simply stopped resonating with my job,” she said. “In doing some soul-searching, I attended a weekend workshop on sustainability and absolutely fell in love with the depth and breadth of the subject matter — not to mention its importance to me.”

Mattick says she has learned several important lessons from her classes, including the value of varied perspectives, learning the effects of “today” and the importance of “we” in society.

She is encouraged that many universities are implementing green degree programs.

“I think this is a very positive trend,” said Mattick. “Degree programs in the 21st century will need to develop wisdom in students, encouraging them to consider the implications of their work to the greater global community.”

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  1. Please note that John Stayton is the Director of the Green MBA Program , and Sarah Diefendorf is the Executive Director of EFC9 (Environmental Finance Center, Region 9).

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