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90 days to a greener focus at the office

 Posted by on December 29, 2008
Dec 292008

By Tim Sanders
Saving the World at Work

My Christmas came a few days early with a Wall Street Journal article that features my new book, Saving The World At Work.

Cultivating a Green Focus at the Office — WSJ

In this article, I give easy-to-follow tips for anyone who wants to see their company save some money (jobs) and stay on course with its commitment to the planet.  (NOTE: I’m linking to the Yahoo! buzz page, please click/visit and get the word out! Think of it this way: Knowledge creates conservation — so share some eco-miser ideas and make your difference today.)

PS — If you haven’t already, join the Saver Soldier network (for people who want to make a difference at work). Once you sign up, you can blog to share your ideas or search to find other kindred spirits that can mentor you.

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