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Jay Leno’s wind power

 Posted by on January 14, 2009
Jan 142009

By John DeFore
Green Right Now

Talk show host Jay Leno has a well-known love of cars, having collected everything from a 1907 steam-powered vehicle to unabashed gas guzzlers in his private 17,000 square-foot garage.

But if he isn’t picky about miles-per-gallon, he does pay attention to other areas of energy efficiency, as one of the latest videos posted to his web site demonstrates. There, Leno shows off new wind-turbine technology that will soon join lots of solar panels and more conventional turbines atop his garage roof.

Produced by Canadian company Enviro Energies, the turbine uses magnets to eliminate friction as the turbine spins. As demonstrated here by Ken Johnson, the “MagWind” product uses the same kind of magnetic-levitation technology employed in cutting-edge commuter-rail designs: opposing magnetic forces keep the turbine floating above the generator so that the mildest wind will move it and eliminate physical wear on parts that would otherwise rub against each other.

The actual unit Leno examines isn’t his: It’s a 1.5-kilowatt residential-sized model to be installed at actor Ed Begley, Jr.’s house. Milking an innuendo that compares this model to the 5 kW one being produced for Leno’s garage, the big-chinned celebrity proclaimed, “so mine — is bigger than Ed Begley’s.”

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