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Slideshow: Disneynature’s ‘earth’

 Posted by on February 5, 2009
Feb 052009

Disneynature has released a series of images from its upcoming documentary earth. The film was five years in the making. Read more: Disney’s ‘earth’ an homage to the animal world.

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The polar bears were filmed on Kong Karls Land, a group of islands between the Barents Sea and the Artic Ocean. Part of Norway, it is a land where the midnight sun lasts from April 20 to August 23, and the polar night lasts from October 26 to February 15.

Polar bear facts

  • The polar bear gets all the liquid it needs from its food -– its main source being the ringed seal — so it has no need to drink water.
  • Polar bears will travel hundreds of miles in search of food and can swim 12 miles a day.
  • The polar bear is so well adapted to retaining heat that it can’t run long distances because it would be in danger of overheating.
  • Polar bears are the largest land predator in the world. Males can grow up to about 8 feet and weigh up to 1,800 pounds.
  • Even with their mother’s care, only 50% of the polar bear cubs survive their first year, and more are lost when they first leave their mother to make their way alone.
  • While waiting to catch seals, a polar bear will cover its black nose with its paw to make its white camouflage perfect.