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Mar 092009

By Laura Elizabeth May
Green Right Now

No one wants to be on the worst-dressed list. But making PETA’s worst-dressed list is even worse.

Madonna tops this worst dressed list as the 2009 biggest fur offender. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA released its 9th annual worst-dressed list which names celebrities who wear fur. The non-profit group gets personal with the offenders saying that “when you see Madonna in fur, you realize why nobody has copied her style since 1984.”

PETA spokesperson Michael McGraw said that Madonna generated at least twice the number of votes from members and others on the website. The list is complied by PETA, who searches through different photo agencies to catch celebrities wearing fur. Members and other people then vote on the list on the PETA website.

McGraw said fortunately it is getting “harder and harder” to compile the list because many celebrities are choosing not to wear fur.

Other “cold-hearted” celebrities on the list include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (left), Maggie Gyllenhaal (below), Kayne West and Elizabeth Hurley. The website was equally cruel to them. (“Maggot has gone from being lost in her brother’s shadow to being lost inside some really ugly fur coats. Where is her fashion sense?” the site carped about Gyllenhaal’s appearance in a blur of fur.)

PETA even offers a separate website for the Olsen twins referring to them as the Trollsen twins and urges visitors to send the twins a message about their fur-wearing ways.

Last years worst offender Aretha Franklin was not spotted wearing fur this year by PETA. McGraw said he was “very pleased” to see last year’s offender was not wearing fur during her performance at President Obama’s inauguration.

While the process of killing animals may be reason enough not to wear fur, there are additional downsides to fur. McGraw says furs are “loaded with toxic chemicals” to keep them from decomposing in the closet. The fur producers are “major polluters” says McGraw and the EPA has filed complaints against different companies.

Those who oppose the use of fur say that animals are kept in wire cages and treated inhumanly. PETA sites China as one of the worst offenders because there are no laws governing animal abuse.

Before serving time Martha Stewart was named one of the worst offenders by PETA in 2004. During her time in jail, PETA vice president Dan Mathews wrote a letter to Stewart in an effort to raise her sympathies for animals kept in cages and to ask her to stop wearing fur. After being released, McGraw said she had a “change of heart” and vowed to never wear fur again.

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