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Mar 262009

From Keetsa

Keetsa is a San Francisco-based sleep store that wants to challenge the old traditional ways of buying a mattress with new types of products and a new way of doing business.

Keetsa’s eco-minded solutions include:

  • Compress packing mattresses to reduce carbon foot prints.
  • Continuous developments toward sustainability to increase Keetsa Quotient
  • Usage of Green Tea extract to create foam with low emissions of VOCs.

The company’s orientation towards sustainability has led to a new, fresh approach to creating a better sleep environment. It started with a question: how can you make a better mattress that encourages deep, restorative sleep and has a lower impact on the planet? Some obvious changes to the materials used in mattresses surfaced (since they are among the largest disposable consumer products). But there were other challenges, as well.

Do you really need a ‘box spring’ for your bed? Or, can you sleep just as well with a simple foundation? Check out our Keetsa Foundations.

Can you make a pillow supportive, yet soft for comfort? Check out Keetsa eco-friendly pillows.

Is there a low-impact way to re-fresh an existing mattress that still has life without having to throw the whole thing away? Check out our Keetsa Re-Cover System.

Is there a product that can protect the mattress from mites? Check out Keetsa Protective Cases.

You can find Keetsa online or visit the showroom at 271 9th Street, San Francisco.