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Still a plastic bottle, but less so

 Posted by on March 26, 2009
Mar 262009

As much as we’d all like to not have to use plastic water bottles, it remains difficult to get through life without ever needing a quick drink on a hot day or encountering packaged water at a big event. In those cases, you can soon pick up Pepsi’s market-leading Aquafina and feel less bad about doing it.

PepsiCo’s announced this week that Aquafina, the nation’s top selling brand of bottled water, will launch a new Eco-Fina Bottle made with 50 percent less plastic.

The Purchase, N.Y.- based company said that the new bottle, weighing in at 10.9 grams, will eliminate an estimated 75 million pounds of plastic annually. PepsiCo also said Aquafina will further reduce environmental impact by producing the bottle at the same purification centers where filling occurs and by eliminating cardboard base pads from 24-packs — that is expected to save 20 million pounds of corrugated paper by 2010.

The bottle employs a “rippled web” design that helps ensure its structural soundness and functionality. The new Eco-Fina Bottle will begin shipping to retail outlets nationwide in April.

On a global basis last year, PepsiCo said it took nearly six million kilograms of packaging per year out of its system and reduced greenhouse emissions by 18,000 metric tons annually by introducing a new half-liter bottle for Aquafina’s flavored waters.

PepsiCo also is touting its other efforts to lessen its environmental impact. The company said that by 2015 it wants to reduce its use of water and energy by 20 percent and its use of fuel by 25 percent. In 2007, the company conserved nearly five billion liters of water across its global operations.

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