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Apr 092009

Sarah Guillard, 29, State College, Pa., owner of the Molasses Bakery

What I do:

I bake organic, gluten free, dairy free cookies and brownies at my bakery, Molasses Bakery.

How it helps:

It enables people who are on gluten-free and dairy-free diets to enjoy the same type of desserts and baked goods as those not on restrictive diets. I believe that organic foods are the most environmentally ethical choice and the healthiest for your body.

Where I’m going:

More and more people are taking wheat and dairy out of their diets due to intolerances and life style choices. They are also turning to organics as a means of keeping themselves and the planet healthy. As these choices become more common, Molasses Bakery will be able to provide treats that people feel good about buying. The combination of organic and gluten-free is sometimes difficult to find and Molasses fills that niche.

How I’m doing:

Before the recession hit, I was steadily building clientele. Now it is more difficult to persuade new stores to carry my products, but I continue to receive steady orders from my current clients and many compliments from happy customers.


Passion drives creativity. If you let your passion direct you, you will reach your goal. Also, it never hurts to have good financial planning and a carefully plotted business plan.

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