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Special Report: My Green Job

 Posted by on April 10, 2009
Apr 102009

In this ongoing series, Green Right Now will be profiling people who aren’t just thinking about working in the emerging green economy, they’re already there. Read the stories of how they started working in these sometimes-new fields, learn about their training and get their advice on how you can move into the green-collar workforce.

George Eckrich, co-owner Dr. Kracker

Ben Witek, American Door and Dock

Skelly Holmbeck, NextEra Energy Resources

Chet Shank, owner of Thinking Green Systems

Nora Edison and Chris Neumann, owners of Strongtree Organic Coffee

Donna Arch, founder of a home insulation testing company

Chad Sanders, solar installer

Claire Fackler, marine life educator

Henri-James Tieleman, CEO EcoloBlue

Mark Crames, CEO Demeter Fragrance

Sarah Guillard, owner of Molasses Bakery

Susan Casias, manager of shredding

John Neal, home retrofitter