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Earth Day, coming together nicely

 Posted by on April 12, 2009
Apr 122009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Earth Day is every day. It truly is, and should be. Still it’s nice to have a special time set aside for this commemoration, now 39 years old.

It gives us a time to celebrate. A time for people who live the issue daily, as foresters, gardeners, organic bakers, fair trade importers, scientists and energy experts, to connect with each other and newcomers on the green path. It’s a time when tree huggers can come out of the forest, composters can declare their love of the soil and all sorts of other quirky “naturalists” can unabashedly rejoice — in an accepting climate.

On this Earth Day weekend (the official day is Wednesday) we met many of these concerned and hopeful people at the Oak Cliff Earth Day celebration in Dallas. We chatted with a guy who’s a person of irony: He teaches automotive arts at a high school, but just got rid of his car to reduce his carbon imprint. Kenneth Cotten plans to bike, walk or take mass transit for the foreseeable future. We met a coffee importer who markets only organic fair trade coffee; a maker of natural soaps and perfumes; a master gardener, an urban forestry expert, a cookie maker, a meter reader expert and a solar panel salesman — all of whom are passionately doing their part for the planet in their jobs and hobbies. They were a joyous group.

There were a lot of dogs at this event. Everyone seemed to be walking a dog or carrying a plant (I guess the cats had to stay home). We saw lots of young people, too, including students from Skyline High School, a magnet in Dallas, who were volunteering for the day at the annual festival at Lake Cliff Park, an urban jewel that was brought back from the brink several years ago.  (That’s Maria Ruiz, Alicia Vega, Marystella Rodriguez, James WIlliams, Ga Corey Eaton and Esther Soto in the picture.)

This Sunday also saw celebrations on the National Mall in Washington D.C., in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Atlanta, Seattle and Austin where the Earth Day Network partnered with Green Apple Festivals. See a video of the event on the Mall on the Green Apple website.

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