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Get green for under $100

 Posted by on April 20, 2009
Apr 202009

3. Buy a Bucket. Cost $5

This is one of our favorite green tricks. Take the bucket and stick it in your shower. It will collect water every time someone showers; your own little indoor rain barrel. No you’re not going to drink this water! Ugh. This is your personal jerry-rigged gray water system! Take the bucket water and use it to water trees and plants around the house, or you could wash the deck with it. It works wherever you might use slightly used, slightly soapy water. If you use natural soaps and shampoos you won’t offend the recipient vegetation. OK, truth time. We actually use a small white plastic indoor waste can, because it’s a bit more aesthetically appealing and blends in with our white tiled shower. It’s nice to be capturing water that would have been wasted.