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Apr 242009

Ben Witek, Automotive Industry Specialist American Door and Dock, Schaumburg, Illinois

What I do:

I am a solutions specialist for the automotive dealer industry. Our company sells and services most “means of entry” on commercial buildings in Northern Illinois. We sell and service anything from overhead doors to pedestrian doors to safety equipment. Specifically for the automotive industry, we can provide advanced technology in access control and high speed performance doors that cut down on energy bills. Our company has solutions for other businesses as well. I assist automotive dealers to “go green” by replacing their traditional doors with new high speed doors.

How it helps:

Automotive dealer doors open and close more than any other door in any industry. Many dealers have doors that open and close over 250 times per day. In the winter or summer, energy bills are a huge expense for automotive dealers due to extreme interior heat loss and exterior air infiltration.

We supply Rytec High Performance doors that can deliver energy savings up to 40% and have a return on investment (“ROI”) of less than 2 years. Compared to regular doors, Rytec doors open 10 times faster and are rated for over one million cycles. The door creates a minimal heat exchange and is also LEED/Energy Star rated.

Where I’m going:

I am looking to create partnerships with all of the Chicago-land automotive groups. We want to survey every new and existing dealership to offer the owners energy savings solutions to minimize maintenance costs and slash energy bills. Much like regularly changing oil in your car for the long term benefit, we would like to see automotive groups sign up for preventative maintenance plans. Annual or bi-annual visits to lubricate, balance, and inspect equipment eliminates costly expenses for repairs by discovering before they happen.

How I’m doing:

We have currently installed high speed doors for the Patrick, Dan Wolf, and Autobarn automotive groups. As we increase our presence in the industry and expand our formal marketing campaign, we look forward to installing this green product in many more dealerships.


With everyone feeling the impacts of today’s economy we believe now is the time for replacing high maintenance, energy wasting doors with new high speed doors specifically designed for the automobile industry. There is no better time than right now to cut costs for your business. While layoffs and cutting hours is one way, energy bills are a major issue and a great way to save significant money and help the environment. In the effort to help with start up costs, we have the ability to lease the doors to auto dealers for a low monthly payment. In the majority of cases, the energy savings or monthly maintenance allowance can cover the payment.

(Witek adds that you can contact American Door and Dock for a free “Energy Savings Analysis.”)

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