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Apr 242009

George Eckrich, 38, co-owner of Dr. Kracker, Austin, Texas

What I do:

I am fortunate to have experienced a “calling” or vocation, and I have been a baker most all of my adult life, except for a brief three years working in Mexico in agriculture.  When I was 20 I went through a baker’s apprenticeship in Hanover, Germany, and I have been fascinated by the magic of turning simple ingredients like flour, water, salt and yeast into something deliciously edible. My lifelong interest has been whole grains, and this is my second bakery. Here at Dr. Kracker we concentrate on organic whole grain and whole seed flatbread crackers that are not only over-the-top great tasting but also good for you!

How it helps:

Dr. Kracker bakes with organic grains and seeds. Part of our mission is sustainable farming. By providing a ready destination for the grain, we keep the organic farmers doing what they do best: preserving the soil and the environment for future generations.

How I got here:

If you are in baking, it really helps to be a baker.  And I’ve rolled more dough and pulled as many loaves of bread out of the oven as any baker.  What has made my career and life so gratifying is that I also picked up a degree in business and have accumulated a wealth of information about nutrition and diet. In my job at Dr. Kracker, I no longer bake the flatbreads, but I do combine my passion for diet and nutrition with my instincts for great flavor combinations.  Now I am in marketing, sales and promotion, and I actively promote the message of improving health and nutrition via better food. The world is waiting for solutions to the dietary decline, and Dr. K provides one of the best solutions to diabetes and chronic heart disease. (The crackers are available online and in retail stores and natural food markets across the country.)

Where I’m going:

While business in these times are challenging, consumers are becoming more health careful and looking for those foods that will satisfy their palates and their nutritional needs. Dr. Kracker continues to expand and we will find more ways to satisfy customer demand for food that both nourishes and tastes great!

How I’m doing:

As a partner, I retain 1/3 of the Dr. Kracker profits. We are doing well and I expect to be able to put my two kids through college and retire as well, some day.


Look for a need that is not being filled adequately, such as good whole grain food in our case. Then find a way to do better than anyone else and at a better price.

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