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May 202009

“Admittedly there is a fair amount that medicine doesn’t know. We should remember that an everyday healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and fiber is the first, best way to go. A simple cleansing that stresses more fruits and vegetables is unlikely (to be) harmful and may be helpful. Theoretically you want to apply the same rigors to choosing a cleansing that you would to traditional medicine.”

Seven days before the cleanse I began to prepare my body for the coming change and took these steps:

  • Gradually decreased caffeine consumption
  • Gradually decreased sugar consumption … it’s highly addictive and has zero nutrition
  • Gradually decreased high-fat foods
  • Increased fluids to start a flush (raw apple cider vinegar and honey in water as a daily booster)
  • Increased greens to alkalize and energize
  • Increased fiber, whole foods, fruits and vegetables

Supplements are always “iffy”. Dr. Kostas says “there are potential risks to more aggressive treatments: herbal supplements have their potential for serious side effects as any medicine would, especially in combination with any medications a person is already taking. Diabetics in particular should be careful about missing meals or treatments with high sugar contents.”

WebMD says this about a liquid diet: “Liquid diets contain a reduced — and often significantly reduced — number of calories. If you eat fewer calories than you burn off, you will lose weight. However, that weight loss may be short-lived. When you drastically reduce the amount of calories you consume, your metabolism slows to conserve energy. Unless you change your eating habits, you’ll gain back the weight as soon as you return to your old diet.”

A trip to the local health food store/market and a consultation with the owner resulted in drinks for the three days. Each drink was 3 cups (24 oz) and was consumed throughout the day:

Saturday smoothie:
carrots, an apple and half a lemon

Sunday drink:
kale, beet, ginger, apple and carrot

Saturday/Sunday Smoothie:
strawberry, banana, pineapple w/2tblsp. of Dr. Green’s Organic Energy powder with digestive enzymes (plant based) and a probiotics blend (non-dairy)

Monday smoothie:
strawberry, banana, peach
Monday vegetable drink:
carrots, lemon, apple (and Dr. Green’s powder)