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May 202009

I changed to Tom’s of Maine toothpaste (all natural ingredients) and took Epsom salt baths and drank lots of water. I slept better and I stayed out of the kitchen.

There was only one night that presented a problem: my family decided to eat at a seafood restaurant and then go for ice cream … I had water with lemon. No scallops, no beer, no maple walnut ice cream. Water with lemon.

When it was over I had to gradually slip back in to a diet with solids, so I began with a salad and eased back into grains and organic milk. Now I’m definitely more aware of what I ate before and what I’ll eat now. I eat less and I feel better. And by eating less I’m saving money, both at the store and at the doctor’s.

It wasn’t easy for me but honestly I looked at my wife, children and grandchildren and I realized how important they are to me and if I didn’t take care of myself and stay healthy, well … we all know how that story could end.

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