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Jun 112009

From Green Right Now Reports

Leaders of the algae biofuel industry are headed to Capitol Hill today to raise awareness among congressional legislators and push for continued federal support to help the technology reach maturity.

Legislators are working a range of policy issues such as a Renewable Fuel Standard, tax code and Recovery Act funding that will have an enormous impact on emerging technologies, Executives from leading algae biofuel companies such as Aurora Biofuels, LiveFuels, and Solix Biofuels will be talking about production advancements that they believe will make algae biofuel commercially viable.

Algae-based biofuel has captured widespread interest for its ability to deliver significantly higher yields than plant-based technologies, recycle CO2 directly from industrial sources and not compete with agricultural land or water supply.

“The decisions Washington will make in the days ahead will determine the future of our industry, and our ability to fulfill demand for an abundant renewable fuels marketplace,” Matt Carr, policy director of the Industrial & Environmental Section at Biotechnology Industry Organization, said in a statement. “We want to help inform representatives to the realities of algae biofuel production and encourage measures that are inclusive of systems like these and with other advanced biofuels in any mandates to come.”

David Jones, COO of LiveFuels, stresses that the algae biofuel industry “will create jobs that cannot be outsourced.”

“By supporting this industry, we can ensure new high-quality, well-paid jobs – not only in science and technology, but operations as well,” Jones said in a statement.