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Jun 182009

Photo: Illana Halperin

“Boiling Milk (Solfataras)” by Illana Halperin

From Green Right Now Reports

More than 25 New Mexico art organizations and 60 artists will join together this summer to present LAND/ART, a collaboration of environmentally inspired art. This six-month project will examine relationships of land, art and community through exhibitions, site-specific art works, speakers, performances, tours, and excursions through multiple indoor and outdoor venues around the state.

Photo: Basia Irland

“Anitya” by Anne Cooper

The project, which is being coordinated by 516 Arts in Albuquerque, focuses on “environmental” or “land” art, and will address humans’ changing relationship to nature. Environmental issues are emphasized throughout LAND/ART as artists examine climate change, water shortage, endangered wildlife and other topics.

“There is a very strong interest in this type of artwork right now, as concerns about the environment are so much at the forefront of people’s minds,” Suzanne Sbarge, LAND/ART project coordinator, said in a statement. “Artists bring different perspectives to thinking about our relationships with nature and the environment.”

The LAND/ART Symposium Weekend June 27-28 in Albuquerque will kick off the six-month long collaboration. The event takes place in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition “Experimental Geography” at the Albuquerque Museum, which will run June 28-September 20. Created by 19 artist teams from six countries, including the United States, “Experimental Geography” will “explore the distinctions between geographical study and artistic experience of the earth, as well as the juncture where the two realms collide and possibly make a new field altogether,” organizers said.

Other opening weekend events include an excursion taking passengers to explore different New Mexico landscapes, poetry readings, a panel discussion about the evolution of land art, artist lectures and presentations.

Photo: Michael Berman

“Sierra El Capulin” by Michael Berman

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