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Jul 082009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

You gotta love it when people show they care. Greenpeace activists made their passion for the environment manifest in yet another creative way today, posting a sign urging Obama to show strong leadership on global warming.

On Mount Rushmore.

Next to Lincoln, our president’s favorite president.

They were arrested, which for Greenpeacers is not a negative. Though the group noted in the news release that the sign posters were all trained rock climbers, so no lives were endangered. The “heads” were unharmed and the activists took care to use established climbing anchors used for routine cleanings.

As for the inevitable hundreds of tourists on the viewing deck below, it no doubt created an exciting moment worthy of a footnote in the vacation scrapbook, or a weird flashback to that scene in which Cary Grant saves Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest.

Why was Obama poked at this particular moment? He is meeting with G-8 leaders this week in Italy and the enviros want to make sure he doesn’t weenie out and become too compromising on climate matters. In light of Obama’s tendency to instinctively meet people halfway and the recent passage of much-mauled, arguably weak and alternately praised and maligned Waxman-Markey climate legislation, this seems like an appropriate message.

And now we get to show you the picture:                

The banner reads, “America Honors Leaders. Not Politicians. Stop Global Warming”.

Greenpeace wants the Obama Administration to set policies that result in global emissions peaking by 2015 and falling back to zero, compared with 1990 levels, by 2050.

The group also wants President Obama to personally attend climate talks in Copenhagen in December to push strong policies, such as a global fund to help less developed nation’s cope with the impact of global warming and stop tropical deforestation. Whether or not that all comes to pass remains a huge question.
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