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Green up your back-to-school supplies

 Posted by on August 18, 2009
Aug 182009

From Green Right Now Staff

If you’re ready to turn over a new, green leaf this school year, there are plenty of opportunities to go eco-friendly, from recycled paper and pencils to lunch boxes and sandwich wraps made of recycled PET plastic. Compared to last year, there are more green school supplies now available and more stores are carrying them. Here’s our guide to some of the basics you be looking for:

Binders: These New Leaf binders are made from recycled paper, not plastic, so they will degrade after use. They are available in 1 inch and ½ inch. We like the reasonable price. Find them at Or look for Terracycle Eco-Binders in 1-inch and 2-inch ring sizes at Office Max.

For report binders, try these 30 percent recycled versions at Office Depot.