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Sep 092009

Green Right Now Reports

You can debate whether certain off-road vehicle incursions into wild areas are eco-friendly, but you can’t really argue with Polaris’s decision to make a greener All-Terrain Vehicle.

The new RANGER EV, a side-by-side that operates on a battery pack, trumps gas-fueled ATVs when it comes to cleaning up emissions.

And, Polaris reports in a news release, the vehicle has the longest range of any electric midsize vehicle (50 miles), which at top speed (25 mph) would provide two hours of riding time between charges.

It is also cheaper to operate, costing an estimated 3 cents per mile to run compared to 9 cents per mile for a comparable gas vehicle, according to Polaris.

The Minneapolis-based company hope the new model appeals to those wanting alternative-powered off-road vehicles, and will be marketing the RANGER EV as a no-compromises potential greener replacement for similar gas-powered ATVs, able to scout tough territory.

Notes Polaris in a statement: “A common misconception of electric vehicles is the consumer has to give up performance or work-ability in exchange for economy. Polaris set out to prove this wrong by giving the RANGER EV a 500 lb. cargo box with 1,250 lb. towing and 1,000 lb. total payload to ensure the vehicle had a strong work ethic. The unit also features three modes; High for speed, Low for towing and hauling, and Max for maximum range.”

The Ranger, suitable also for tooling around planned communities and certain types of neighborhoods (where allowed) will retail for $10,699. It will be sold at Polaris dealerships nationwide. The company, one of the largest manufacturers of off-road vehicles in the world, makes Victory motorcycles and snowmobiles in addition to ATVs.