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Nov 252009

Demeter vintage natural geranium scent


Sometimes top-quality natural beauty items can be a fishing expedition. For her, Demeter fragrances are top of the line and natural. They use no artificial colors, binders or emulsifiers, and their products aren’t tested on animals. We’re leaning toward the Vintage Naturals 2009 collection, a limited edition collection of five hand-made fragrances made with natural essential oils, each is$39. Oh, while we’re talking about her, you probably will get a smile with something from the Alima Pure makeup line (like the Shimmer Blush for $15, below).

Alima Pure luminous shimmer blush

Here’s something novel for the guys: A 100 percent recycled razor (and no, we don’t know how they got the blades from recycled items). It’s by Preserve, at Nimli, for $10 (below). You can spring for a set of extra blades, also $10.

Preserve Razor Recycline Nimli