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Onward to Copenhagen, a city in Denmark

 Posted by on December 3, 2009
Dec 032009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Next week, thousands of people are heading to Copenhagen, many of them world leaders, to try to figure out how to keep the human race from smoking itself out of a home.

Sadly, a Harris Poll has found that only 28 percent of Americans (of 2,303 polled in November) know that climate change and global warming is the main topic to be discussed in Copenhagen.

Granted, it’s been a tough year, financially challenging and disheartening in other ways. We’re involved in two wars. Families have lost jobs, houses, soldiers. We’re suffering from over work and/or unemployment — and there’s info  fatigue.

But c’mon. Really?

It makes me wonder what those people at Harris Polls do to make the questions so difficult. Are they polling someone who’s busy frying pork chops and watching the evening news?

Fortunately, thousands of people do know about Copenhagen, and many of them are world leaders — whew! And with any luck these national negotiators, NGOs, climate activists, scientists, policy leaders, state officials, city mayors and the heads of nations around the globe who are worried (to varying degrees, granted; several aren’t worried enough) about climate change are heading there to try to turn around our planetary date with disaster. Many of these folks are extensively informed about climate change and its potentially catastrophic results.

So what about that half of Americans who remain in the dark? Rather than speculate, let’s just humbly suggest they should and can get up to speed on these matters. In the coming days, we’ll carry pertinent stories. We have one today about a petition to the U.S. to use the Clean Air Act to clean up carbon pollution.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Follow the talks on your local TV station — or your favorite green website.
  • The United Nation’s website on the Copenhagen Climate Conference is wonderfully informative and features news from around the world. You can see reports about the positions of various countries.
  • Participate in a candlelight vigil on the Weekend of Action planned by 350.org and the umbrella site  TckTckTck . It’s set for the weekend of December 12-13, right in the middle of the Copenhagen conference. Candlelight vigils and other activities are being planned. Check out the Weekend of Action web page

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