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Dec 232009

From Green Right Now Reports

A new organization of hundreds of American businesses is demanding comprehensive action by Congress on federal clean energy and climate legislation in the wake of the recent Copenhagen climate change summit.

In its first six weeks, the American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE) said it has grown from just 19 members to include over 800 businesses as of today. ABCE is a diverse coalition of businesses that support Congressional action to pass clean energy and climate legislation that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The organization is largely made up of small Main Street businesses, clean tech and green businesses, but it also includes major names such as Gap Inc, DB Climate Change Advisors (Deutsche Bank Group), and power companies FPL Group and New York Power Authority.

“The rapid increase in business flocking to ABCE sends a strong signal to Congress of the strong support for meaningful and effective legislation that will drive clean technology innovation, create jobs, and address the threat of global climate change,” ABCE spokesperson Christopher Van Atten said in a statement. “With all of the business interest in the proceedings at Copenhagen and the increasing focus on climate change, we expect to see an additional surge in our membership over the holiday period and into January. Frankly, we have been overwhelmed by the interest in the American Businesses for Clean Energy.”

Among the new members is Serious Materials, Inc., a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company that manufactures energy-efficient building materials. The company’s CEO was named “Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009″ by Inc. magazine. Other new members include: The Saunders Hotel Group, a Boston-based hotel management firm with properties throughout the Northeast; and Recycled Energy Development, a Westmont, Ill.-based developer of industrial cogeneration projects.

“The Saunders Hotel Group is proud to be a member of ABCE as we celebrate our 20th year since pioneering urban ecotourism,” Tedd Saunders, chief sustainability officer of The Saunders Hotel Group and president of EcoLogical Solutions Inc., said in a statement. “We are one of the many hundreds of mainstream companies actively sending a message to Congress that American businesses are eager for strong federal climate policy that will create good jobs and strengthen our economy while avoiding the worst consequences of the looming climate crisis. Putting a price on carbon will finally send a clear signal to businesses and industry to invest in a more sustainable future for the benefit of our citizens and economy.”

A full list of member companies is available at the American Businesses for Clean Energy web site.