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Apr 072010

By Melissa Segrest
Green Right Now

Those tomatoes are looking good. Your compost is top-notch, you’ve added extra manure for a nitrogen boost and the aphids have been blasted away with a strong spray of water. The grass-clipping mulch has smothered any weeds, and there are no spotted leaves or blossom-end rot to be seen.

Gardening tools and decor can be environmentally sound and still get the job done

Gardening tools and decor can be environmentally sound and still get the job done

You are on top of your organic gardening game.

Unfortunately, your tools, mower, garden garb, decorative touches and composter reveal the truth — you aren’t as eco-minded as you think. All that factory-made plastic and gasoline and synthetic fabrics leave a big, ugly carbon footprint all over your marigolds.

If you’re ready to take the next step and get completely green in your garden, we’ve shopped around and found a variety of items that are natural, fair trade, recycled or sustainable. Stroll through our selections and see how green you can get.

Ironic that the container green gardeners use to create their all-natural fertilizer is often made from synthetic materials. A little shopping turns up a selection of compost bins made of recycled plastic. The Bio-Orb Composter (below), for example, makes it easy to mix and aerate the ingredients with a bit of rolling. It has a 36″ diameter and costs $159 from Gaiam.

Gaiam Bio_Orb Composter


Other natural composters include the jumbo Tumbleweed composter, 100 percent recycled plastic, which spins vertically to keep ingredients cooking ($200) or the the Worm Factory composter, also of recycled plastic, which combines some squirmy ingredients for a rich, quick compost ($100).