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Apr 072010

peoplepoweredmachines Brill Razorcut push mower

Back to the future

If you don’t remember push reel lawn mowers, enjoy your youth. Back in the day, lawn mowers ran with leg power. The very-green machines have been streamlined and improved to make the job easier. The hottest version is the Brill Razorcut Push Reel Mower, 17 pounds of silent, sharp style for $239 (above). If you’d prefer to shop around, Planet Natural has a variety to peruse.

Speaking of days gone by, a classic lawn fixture was the clothesline, where apparel was hung to dry in the fresh air.  A new version, umbrella shaped, is $169.

And when the day is done, the garden looks great, you’re pooped but pleased – here is your final destination, below, hand-woven by Maya artists of the Yucatan, $49.

Novica fair trade hammock

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