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Apr 072010

red wigglers Olive Barn

Squirmy soldiers and bug buddies

Getting nutrient-rich, high-quality compost may require some worm intervention. More specifically, red wigglers. Also known as red earthworms, or redworms, these squirmy aides eat about half their weight in organic leftovers a day, and what they leave behind – cast – is good as gold for fermenting the perfect compost. Get 2 pounds worth (about 2,000 worms) for $49 from Olive Barn or other organic garden sites. You can buy other beneficial bugs, such as aphid predators, mealybug destroyers or lovely ladybugs, which will chow down on all manner of bad bugs. While you’re at it, get a nice house for a toad for $25. They love to eat bad bugs, too.

Toad House