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Apr 072010

goodsforthegarden cobra tool

Good green tools

You can’t make much headway in the garden without proper tools. The very simple tool pictured above is considered one of the most versatile in the world. It’s called a cobra, and it can weed, cultivate, edge, dig, plant and on and on. This CobraHead version is made in Wisconsin of sustainable wood fiber (reinforced with plastic) and costs $25. Buy one and 5 percent of your purchase goes to an environmental fund of your choice.

An extra-long hoe of sustainably harvested bamboo and recycled hardwood is $40. It’s not made of natural material, but Wolf’s long-handled tool set comes with eight attachments to turn a rake to a weeder to a trowel. Prices vary. Red Pig is the only blacksmith in the U.S. that specializes in hand-forged garden tools. They create hundreds of tools out of their two-story barn in Oregon. For example, their large “crow’s foot” cultivator, below, is $34.

redpig crows foot tool