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Jul 232010

We round out the list with an assortment of surprising natural and necessary items:

There are recycled steel paper clips, $1.09 for a box of 100.

Check out rulers made of recycled money and plastic — $1.29 and natural rubber erasers (40 for $10).

Young geeks will like the clipboard (above) made from an old motherboard circuit board, $14.

Magiglue is an all-natural alternative to regular glue that is non-toxic, reversible with water and comes in powder or liquid form. Glue sticks? Go with Coccoina’s version, which is non-toxic, non-solvent and acid-free, and smells like marzipan. It’s $4.50 a stick.

And if a stapler is on the list, who can resist these little dog and cat staple-less staplers (below), $7.99.

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