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Jul 262010

From Green Right Now Reports

Does it seem like you see a UPS truck every time you turn around? That’s probably because there are 60,000 vehicles in the giant delivery company’s fleet, delivering about 15 million items in more than 200 countries daily.

If you got your package quickly it is likely because it flew aboard a UPS airplane.

Toss in all that packaging, driving and flying and that makes for a really, really big carbon footprint.

United Parcel Service says it is slimming that footprint with new sustainability initiatives.

The company’s newest sustainability report update outlines plans to improve vehicle mileage by 10 percent by 2020. This is on the heels of a reported previous 10 percent mileage decrease between 2000 and 2009.

Trucks have been improved with more fuel-saving habits and technology, better maintenance, better routing technology.

The company says it is planning to add vehicles that run on alternative fuels as well.

As for its airplanes, UPS said their goal is to improve carbon efficiency by 20 percent in the next decade. UPS’ airplanes produce a little more than half of the company’s total carbon footprint, company officials said.

Two other UPS initiatives noted in the report:

UPS says it is is the first global package carrier to offer carbon offset purchases for deliveries in the U.S. (You might want to ask about that the next time you ship with UPS, as not many are familiar with that program.)

UPS has rolled out 245 vehicles that run on compressed natural gas. That is in addition to nearly 2,000 vehicles using “green” fuels.

You can read the UPS report online.
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