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Sep 222010

From Green Right Now Reports

Looking for something to do on Oct. 10, also known as 10/10/10?

Take the fight against climate change into your hands with a “global work party” on that once-in-a-lifetime date. The efforts are coordinated by, an action-oriented non-profit focused on creating solutions to global warming.

The group’s name is a reference to 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide, which scientists say is the safe limit in the atmosphere for humans, the group says. Right now, we’re at 390 parts per million. Not good.

You don’t have to travel to reach this party because there may be one in your community or nearby. There are 3,374 events planned in 164 countries, says (and that number is changing daily). If there’s no event in your area, you can plan one.

You can check’s global map to see where events are scheduled.

In Philadelphia, you could lend a hand at weatherization workshops for low-income families in the Fairhill neighborhood. In Denver, six events are scheduled, including an end-of-day “Carrotmob” rally. Install a rainwater harvesting system at the Community Garden in Westchester in Los Angeles.

Take a lesson or two from Portland, where 14 events are scheduled so far, including a Morning of Mindful Trash Pick-Up. Select from a long list of events in the San Francisco area, such as the 1,000 New Cyclists event by the Bicycle Coalition, or the Jamsterdam 350 in Brooklyn (one of a long list of events in New York City.

There are activities planned around the globe: a giant bike fix-up day in Auckland, New Zealand, the website says. Solar panels are planned for the President’s office in the Maldives, and 1,000 trees are scheduled to be planted in Kampala, Uganda, they say.

The goal is to set an example to political leaders that they, too, should get to work on addressing climate change.

If there’s not an event in your area, plan your own. The site offers advice (organize a tree planting, harness the wind, do a trash cleanup) and provides a way to let others know about your event.

The effort promises to provide resources and support if you register soon, and will try to connect you with others in your area who are globally minded.

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