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Oct 012010

Kia's electric concept car is a three-seater.

From Green Right Now Reports

Kia Motors held the world premiere of its all-new, compact and unique electric POP concept car at the 106th Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris this week. A chrome-colored, three-metre-long three-seater, the POP features an electric drivetrain, oblong-shaped side windows and front-hinged doors.

The car’s designers said it uses concepts that don’t originate in the automotive world.

“Designers from other companies regularly approach me at motor shows and say, ‘I would never even be allowed to try and pull that one off’ and it’s great to be in a position to operate with such freedom,” Gregory Guillaume, Kia Europe’s chief designer, said in a statement.

The seats are designed to be more furniture-like, he said. The front bench is sculpted, with flowing lines. The rear seat is positioned at an offset angle facing out from the rear passenger side across the cabin to the driver-side A pillar. It’s has two parts, with a base that flips up when not in use and a back and headrest integrated into the headlining.

The POP has two more interior features that wouldn’t look out of place on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. On a small piece of plexi-glass in front of the steering wheel sits an Transparent Organic LED (TOLED) display that shows a speedometer, battery charge gauge and the other main readouts when the car is running, but is otherwise totally transparent.