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Oct 082010

The Greenfield School is adding solar panels.

From Green Right Now Reports

Albert M. Greenfield School has added a a 5.33 kilowatt solar energy system, making it the first solar panel system installed on a public school roof in Philadelphia.

Greenfield’s system, from Mercury Solar Systems, Inc., consists of 26 solar panels and is expected to produce 6,400 kilowatt hours every year. The environmental benefits are equivalent to recycling 103,998 cans of soda, planting 350 trees and not burning 516 gallons of gasoline.

The solar project is part of a large initiative driven by the parents, teachers, administrators of the Greenfield School and the Philadelphia School District called “Greening Greenfield.” The pilot project is focused on developing a green physical environment at the school to teach the students about the Earth, to provide a green oasis for the community, and to serve as an exemplary public structure. The other completed phases include installation of a weather station on the roof plus school yard improvements which incorporate a storm water management system with two indigenous woodland forest rain gardens, porous pavement, permeable recycled play surface, an agriculture zone garden, and solar shading from 40 new trees.

“Our ‘Greening Greenfield’ initiative could never have gotten off the ground without the support of our numerous donors including Mercury Solar Systems. We are excited to roll out Phase III of this five stage project in our quest to transform the exterior of Greenfield School,” Pat Toy, co-chair of the school’s project committee, said in a statement.