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Oct 182010

Salt Lake City is switching to high efficiency LED street lights.

From Green Right Now Reports

Salt Lake City will soon join the ranks of cities moving to LEDs to light city streets. Compared with traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights, LEDs are more efficient, provide more uniform light distribution and increase light levels.

Lighting Science Group, which will provide the new system, estimates Salt Lake City will save tens of thousands of dollars each year in energy and maintenance costs. The project is being paid for using Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“The Lighting Science Prolific Series street lights look great, we will have less outages, and we are saving energy and money,” Mike Barry, transportation engineer for the Salt Lake City Transportation Division, said in a statement. “Retrofitting existing HPS street lights with Lighting Science LED street lights will reduce the city’s annual energy consumption by 885,271 kilowatt hours, eliminating approximately 636 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year.”

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, produce light by passing a one-way electric current through a semiconductor material. As the electricity is transferred through the semiconductor diode from one electrical terminal to another, it releases energy in the form of light. Conventional incandescent and fluorescent lamps work by heating a filament or gas to a temperature that produces light. While LEDs, like other lamps, release heat as well as light, they are considered far more efficient because they produce more light per watt of energy consumed.

“With rising energy costs across world, cities like Salt Lake City are looking for ways save energy,” Zach Gibler, CEO of Lighting Science Group Corporation, said in a statement. “The LED street lights provided will improve both the environment and the city’s bottom line by delivering a 50 percent energy savings over HPS street lights and will last approximately 5 times as long.”