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Xerox Makes Recycling Easier for Customers

 Posted by on November 11, 2010
Nov 112010

It's a problem many offices are faced with. What to do with all of those old toner cartridges? Xerox has a new solution.

"I think this is a great opportunity for customers to really promote a waste free environment within their businesses," says Amy Kearns the Manager of Consumable Returns at Xerox.

This week, the company launched a new return and recycling program. They say it simplifies the process, making it easier for companies to return their used supplies.

"All of the material gets recycled, so there is no landfilling in this process. So that's much better for the environment in that all these items can go back into market in other products," says Kearns.

Companies can get aneco-box. They can they fill it with the used cartridges and send it in. There's a website that helps print shipping labels and track the supplies. The products are shipped to a company called "Close the Loop" and then they're sorted.

"They take out the plastics, the metals, the toner and the miscellaneous items and those items go out into the market. Back into the market as either raw materials or new products such as e-lumber," adds Kearns.

None of the parts wind up in the landfill. Kearns adds,"it's definitely one more step in the process and we are always looking for new and better ways to promote how do we give our customers a sustainable environment to print in."