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Dec 012010

From Green Right Now Reports

While the BP Gulf Oil Spill has been relegated to history in the minds of  many Americans, the people who live and work on the Gulf remain deeply affected.

In this latest installment of Stories from the Gulf: Living with the BP Oil Disaster, a joint project of the Natural Resources Defense Council,  Story Corps and Bridge the Gulf, shrimpers Darla and Todd Rooks talk about how the spill has threatened their livelihood and tainted the sea life they depend upon.

Darla reveals that she has considered suicide, and what persuaded her to persevere. She and Todd detail how the couple now live on their shrimp boat, unable to afford lodging on land.

The Rooks worry that their way of life may have been irreparably damaged, noting that many birds are still absent from their corner of Louisiana, and that the shrimp and other coastal wildlife are not behaving as usual, since millions of gallons of crude oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico this past April through August.

They don’t allow their grandchildren near the water since Darla suffered protracted multiple health problems after being doused with gulf waters containing the chemical dispersants used on the oil slick.

To read more about the Rooks, and other stories about families affected by the BP oil disaster, visit this NRDC website. The Rooks’ full story also is available on the NRDC’s Switchboard website.