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Dec 142010

From Green Right Now Reports

Go for eco-friendly and sustainable flowers, like this Poinsettia from Organic Bouquet.

Nothing warms a holiday table like a poinsettia bursting with color, or a bouquet of white and red roses.

This season, avoid flowers grown with chemicals in less than fair-wage conditions  by seeking out certified Organic, Fair Trade and sustainably grown products for the celebratory arrays.

One source for seasonal, organically grown or eco-friendly flowers is Organic Bouquet online. This green florist sells bouquets that are USDA certified Organic. Many also bear the Fair Trade label, which assures they were produced by equitably treated workers, and the Rainforest Alliance certification, which verifies that the flowers were grown using ecologically sensitive methods.

Organic Bouquet sources its buds at flower farms in California, Ecuador, India and Colombia, where it pays workers a “livable wage” and provides childcare, healthcare, education and no-interest loans for those employed in the flower operations, a spokeswoman said.

Organic Bouquet’s certified sustainable farms employ more than 60 percent women from nearby villages and pays them wages that exceed government-set minimums, according to the company. To read more about how Organic Bouquet got started and why its owner chose to look for plants grown without synthetic chemicals, see this article about the company CEO Robert McLaughlin.