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Tsunami’s Damage to Hawaiian Wildlife

 Posted by on March 29, 2011
Mar 292011

The tsunami that happened in the aftermath of Japan's earthquake caused a staggering death toll.

While no one in Hawaii was killed when the wall of water swept through the island, it did have an impact.

Dozens of people were stranded in their homes on small low-lying islands.
The tsunami changed the landscape of some areas.

Several structures in the northwestern Hawaiian islands were damaged, including the sea wall around the runway at Midway.

And then there's the toll the tsunami took on wildlife.
The laysan finch lives in only two places in the entire world– one of the places was completely submerged by the tsunami.

"We could have lost the entire population of several hundred little birds that nest there, so we're quit worried about them," says Beth Flint, a wildlife biologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

More than 100,000 albatross were killed on Midway island, most of them just chicks.

In some good news, it appears an endangered species of seals was not affected by the tsunami.